Friday, January 21, 2011

Garden Tomato and Basil Lays

It is the strangest thing when you buy something like a bag of Garden Tomato and Basil flavored chips and you crack into them and they taste like...Garden Tomato and Basil. 

Let's talk about first things first.  I grocery shopped hungry.  Sue me it happens.  Don't think I didn't get in the bus and crack into these chips.  I was by myself and it was like a mini-vacation right here in my dream hometown.  One bite after another I kept wandering if I liked them or not? 

I wandered about it all the way home.  Mr. Sunshine let me in and I was empty handed except for my trusty sidekick bag of chips.  This has never happend (me leaving the groceries in the car).  I was in a chip induced scientific study and was in need of Dr. Pepper to complete the experiment.  After a big glass of Dr. Pepper I still wasn't sure.  Day two of having these in my possession sealed the deal.  Yes.  I liked them.  Let me warn you though of the bag misrepresentation you may or may not be aware of.  The bag claims serving size 11.  I claim serving size 2.


(p.s. no groceries were harmed in this experiment)


New Every Morning said...

I'm glad to hear that food can overtake other women too. :)

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh!! I went grocery shopping yesterday pregnant AND hungry. I started craving EVERYthing I saw. Needless to say, when my husband got home, there were lots of questions. :)

Amy said...

Last week I grocery shopped full and I didn't buy anything and now we're off to Mickey D's because there is NO FOOD in my house. Learn from me. You keep grocery shopping hungry and eating those chips, girl!!

Anonymous said...

when did I become Mr. Sunshine? Can we have a more masculine name for me? Suggestions in no particular order: Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Mr., Mr. Very Masculine, Mr. Lowes, Mr. Home Depot, Mr. with me here.

Mrs. Sojourner said...

I am very jealous of the chips and the Dr. Pepper....but I love your blog. :)

Alyssa O'Leary said...

I just got a bag of these. They're my new favorite chip about two bites in :)

My husband, foreseeing his chipless future, got a bag for himself.