Friday, January 28, 2011

On a Mission

I've been taking a good, long, hard look at how I've been decorating.  Last year I figured out that I love a Cottage feel.  I took a Style Quiz on Sproost and it told me Nantucket was my style.  And last year it was the style I was in love with.  But this is a new year now isn't it?!  The thing my house is missing is the florals, plaids and huge checks on fabrics that make me all kinds of happy.
When yard sale season gears up those big, ugly cheap lamps for sale aren't going to know what hit them when I sweep up and buy them for next to nothing.  Take a look at that picture.  The big lamps make a world of difference.  They are like buffet lamps on steroids and I need some.
I'm ripping off this last idea.  A table in front of a window with a lamp, frames and just a general feel of loveliness.

This is the kind of Friday dreams are made of.  My windows are open.  My washing machine is running.  The bathrooms are getting cleaned.  Pledge and Windex will fill the air.  The music is cranked up loud.  Things will be thrown away today.  We are having a Spring Yard Sale and the proceeds are going to lighter, brighter fabrics.

(all the lovely photos were taken from  hop over today to get some style inspiration)

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kinga @ blueloom said...

This is a great inspiration. We have visited Nantucket in September and absolutely loved it there. They have amazing little home decor shops. You would really like it.
Good luck with your yard sale. It's a great way to declutter. We sold unwanted items online last summer and got over $1000 for them. And it felt so good to let things go.