Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shabby Bedroom Makeover

This is a picture of my old bedroom. I've recently moved all those red, gold & purple pillows to the couch in my office where they are feeling much more at home. In my attempt to move toward all things Cottage style, we painted our new bedroom Wedgewood Gray.
And we redid our curtains. They are black toile/black and white gingham. Guess what? Wedgewood Gray is one of the Pottery Barn Spring 2010 colors. Guess who got the big head.

So this is how my bedroom looked Monday of this week. Sorry for the unmade bed, the sheets were in the wash. The lamps on my dresser were not working for me anymore in this room. Neither were my gold lamps on our nightstands.

So, I told those sweet gold lamps outside and slapped them with a few coats of white paint which you'll see in later photos if you look closely.

I taped the cord down so it would not get white paint on them. Good thinking, eh?

Yesterday I read an article on breaking up sets of furniture to create visual impact. SO, out went Shane's nightstand and in went a small table and a wicker rocker. I cleared off the dresser with the stuff that wasn't fitting the look I was going for and they have a new home. Pictures of their new home to come tommorow.

These are wedding pictures propped up against the mirror. I found a silver charger and placed white candles on it.

I dreamed about my new white lamps last night. I was in Hobby Lobby and saw white lamps with black animal print on the base and a blue and white striped shade. I'm thinking of painting the shades white with blue stripes. Can I do that?

So, I'm dying for garage sale season to start but for now, I worked with what I had. Took out what wasn't working and rummaged the house for new ideas. It is starting to take shape. The best thing is, this is now a room I want to be in. Those people in Better Homes & Garden were right, taking a night stand out and putting something different in made a huge difference.


Nic said...

I'm in love with that bed!! Great Job!

Alison said...

Looks great! And way to be a forward thinker there on the Wedgewood Gray!

Kelli Stuart said...

LOVE IT!!! I'm so into gray right now - our new living room and bedroom are painted in Eiffel Tower, which is a warm, browny gray. Anyways, I'm DYING for the garage sale season to start too!

Becke' said...

love it! I am in the mood to HAVE a garage sale!!!

Kelli said...

Okay - I just saw the comment by someone else named Kelli Stuart and had a moment of panic that perhaps I was losing my mind and I had already read and commented on this post. It wasn't me...or was it. When I'm done typing this, I'm going to check out her site to put my paniced mind to rest.

Anyhoo - I loooove what you did. I'm so jealous of your awesome eyes for decorating. If you lived closer, I would hire you to come makeover my home. I've been talking for years about needing a curtain for our back sliding door, and the other day I went to JoAnn Fabrics because they were having a 50 percent off sale.

I literally started sweating and felt like I was having a nervous breakdown looking at all those fabrics. I had no idea what would look good, how much I would need and what I would even do with the fabric when I got it home. I left without any fabric.

I will likely never get a curtain for that door. Seriously - I have no eye for decorating. I need an Anna!

Paige said...

it's beautiful! will you come do my master suite? and yes, i'm serious!

New Every Morning said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!
I love it!

Amanda said...

Love your new room!! Cozy and yummy. Wedgewood Gray...who makes that? I'd like to get a chip to test it in here...also the white matelesse coverlet? I have a cream one and would like white...any ideas for an affordable one? TJ Maxx?
will be in touch about the conference

Bugs and Sunshine said...

The Wedgewood Gray is Benjamon Moore and I got my coverlet from TJ Maxx :)!

Rodney Tindall, REALTOR said...

I really like the 'asymetrical' look of breaking up furniture sets. We decided to have two different nightstands, too. Really like the look. It makes you pay attention when you look at it.