Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Peabody

You are never going to believe what the hubster did for me. Last night was date night. We had an afternoon of shopping. We tried on really expensive clothes just for fun. Then we went to PF Chang's and shared Fried Green Beans, Honey Chicken & a Great Wall of Chocolate. Then the plan was to go to Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble, then home for a movie...BUT, Shane had a gift in the trunk for me. After dinner he said I could open it. So, he opened the trunk and there were suitcases! We got to stay at the Peabody! The valet parked our car. We went to our room which was so much fun. It overlooked the city lights and the river.

This morning we watched the ducks do their Grand March into the fountain. They ride down the elevator and walk down the red carpet and jump into the fountain for a day of swimming. At 5pm each evening they go back to the terrace for the night.

We checked out and had a lunch at Chili's. Shane did some major planning. He packed all my make-up products and it takes a lot to paint this barn. I like my beauty products!

It was a ball!!! Thank you Neddie, Chaz, Nana, Papa, & Mamaw for watching all of our kids! And Shane, I am super sorry I snored really loudly for 10 hours! You are the best husband ever and I loved every second of our date!


Jenny said...

How much fun!!! That sounds wonderful!

the Percifuls said...

Wow! Give Shane a Best Hubby Award. He really outdid himself this time! So glad you got to enjoy an evening away. You deserved it, girl!

Shannon said...

How fun!! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I got that silk fabric at Hobby Lobby and saw it there the other day. Also, I saw it at Hancocks the other day. Hope you find it! I love that fabric.

Mae said...

Awesome! Great job Shane! Love how you guys take the time to romance. And those ducks were too cute!