Monday, January 5, 2009

Icy Leaves

There are icy raindrops on the leaves outside. And tiny icicles hanging from my roof.

Today is the start of a "scheduling experiment" at our house.

We are very relaxed in our daily schedule. I like freedom in the dailyness of life. We are pretty routined, but I put the pen to the paper and mapped out some specific times for us to do things. I'm giving it 2 weeks. We'll reevaluate then.

I've noticed people are usually very much in the scheduled camp or on the other end where anything goes.

In the dailyness of life I lean strongly toward the anything goes camp. I know I know, the kids will start school one day and need the structure, but today I like to enjoy and be flex. Again, because I can.

I'm wanting to begin some pre-school homeschooling with the boys, hence the more structured schedule experiment. God has given me lots of freedoms over the last couple of years in my parenting style. We are very flex all around. Laid back. Due to Shane and I's jobs we keep a different schedule than most 8-5er's.

Anyhoo, just an experiment and today is going OK with it. Jib's is crying in his crib. He needs a solid three days to adjust though.

I'll update because I know you will probably be dying to know how it turns out. Please try to rest until I update again. Ha.

(P.S. Spell check went crazy on me. Apparently I like to make up lot's of words that aren't really words. And I am all about an inappropriatly placed comma, I use those things like crazy. Comma good. Comma Friend.)


Amy said...

Anna, it's so funny ya'll are working to be on a schedule! We are the exact opposite. We are TOO SCHEDULED! To the point that I think we could be causing Pierson some long term damage! LOL! He seriously will tell us,"No we do this first and then we do this." I always comment on how i wish we would have been more flex with him! Now whenever we try to be flexible we face resistance! Is the grass always greener on the other side!

Jenny said...

Good for you!! I'm a little scheduled and not scheduled in my parenting style;). When it comes to naps... SCHEDULED and I try to schedule me in one, too:) only when I'm off in the summer. I KNOW that my house runs smoother when we're scheduled because I find myself being lazy if we're not. When I'm lazy, I'm not a good mommy. I lose my patience more often. I definitely have to have activities planned out for the kiddos when I'm home with them.

the Percifuls said...

I love this post! Let me know how the scheduling thing goes. As you can probably guess, I'm not the scheduling type either. If it works well for you, though, I might try it.