Monday, January 19, 2009

House Plans

I've been drawing up some house plans. It's been a lot of fun. There are a couple details that I haven't been able to get just right.

That's when I found IT. My new time waster.

The fun thing about this site is all the extras you can type in. Cottage style, french doors, fireplace, YES. And you can save 60+ plans to your favorites list for easy reference.

So there you have it. That's where I've been. Using my kids Speed Racer pencil/notepad to draw plans.

Here are a few things I am incorporating into my dream house.
  • open floor plan (living room flows into kitchen) ( you know how I feel about a dividing wall when I'm in the kitchen 21 times a week plus snacks)
  • 4 bedroom/2-3 bath
  • windows in the bathrooms
  • island in the kitchen
  • bar in the kitchen that will seat 3-4
  • broom closet in the kitchen to hold, well, the broom
  • walk-in pantry in the kitchen
  • corner living room so windows can be on 2 walls instead of just one
  • corner fireplace, woodburning
  • tall ceilings in living room and kitchen
  • double vanities in both bathrooms
  • can lights in living room and kitchen
  • french doors somewhere

I like a cottage style look. Cozy feel. Smaller square footage with the biggest space in my big living room and kitchen. Raised ceilings to make it appear bigger than it really is. Lots of windows. Charm & character, not the basic cracker cut floor plan. Well, the dino nuggets and tater tots are ready so I gotta run.


The Uptons said...

I love looking at houseplans too, don't know what it is, maybe the possibilities, who knows. Good to know about that site, probably fun to play with!

Anonymous said...

Schweet!!! I love that.
Specially the 23 baths and the island and bar in the kitchen.

Maybe some palm trees on the island? I love palms. or is is Psalms I love?

Guess that really is a big kitchen. And with the bar right there you'll need the 23 baths.

....wait....did i read that wrong???

Love you and welcome back!