Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Red-Headed Superman Boy

Oh that boy is so cute I could eat him up.

This morning we were getting ready to go to Bible Study and he said, "What I'm gonna learn today at Bible Study Mama?"

Last night we were all tucked into bed. About 8 minutes into the quietness, I feel something at the foot of my bed.

Pooperman. They actually can say Superman now, but Pooperman is so much more fun.

So, he crawled up on the foot of the bed and laid there real quit, still, and incognito like for a few minutes.

Then in true superhero fashion inched up just a bit, really playing those cards right because he didn't know if we were asleep yet.

Seeing this might take all night (ha!), I decided to throw in a little fake snore action to speed it up a bit because it was obvious he was trying to be super still and quiet as he made his way into our bed.

We got so tickled when he finally jumped under the covers. And he had on his Superman Underoos from LAST Christmas that now look more like hot pants and a tube top. Purty. Those are one thing I just absolutly cannot Flylady.

Sorry to post a story that only my women kinfolk reader's will love, but I just couldn't resist.

I love that baby!

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the Percifuls said...

Great story! Laughing out loud!