Monday, January 12, 2009

Prayer Cards

Yesterday at church we talked about praying more.

I started something a couple months ago that has been working so well I thought I'd share.

Prayer Journals have not worked for me because I forget to write in them, and/or forget to actually open them up.

I took 4 index cards. I labeled them Myself, Shane, The Boys & Our Home.

Each card has specific requests that are one word or so. It has been so simple and I just keep them in my Bible.

For Example, on Our Home here are some of the things I'm praying for:

  • a safe place
  • peaceful, sanctuary, refuge
  • the Word of God spoken here
  • laughter
  • joy
  • forgiving
  • loving
  • gentle tone

As I'm reading Scripture, if I see something else to pray over my family I add the one or two words to the appropriate card.

It is a very simple thing, but I have seen results from it which is so much fun. You can make a card for any person or situation you'd like to remember in prayer. Have fun!


the Fosters said...

I think that is a great idea! We all need to pray more. Thanks for sharing.
Something I have started but not doing as well as I want to is praying scripture over my children. I got this idea from the blog Bring on the Rain and you pray a specific scripture over your children when they wake up, take a bath, eating breakfast, getting dressed, going out the door, going to bed and while they are sleeping. You plug your child's name into it. I honestly can't say I do all of them everyday, but I would love to make it a priority so eventually it comes to me like habit.

Alison said...

Anna...I love this idea of the index cards. I just purchased a spiral bound index card book for scripture verses that I need in my life and verses I am memorizing. I am going to get me some more cards for Prayer cards.
I'm all about the bullet points so this speaks to my heart! ;-)

Savannah said...

What a great idea!! So easy and do-able, and purposeful!

the Percifuls said...

I love this! Just did my prayer card for my home. Thanks for sharing!