Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I've been reading.

The Dee Henderson series. Danger in the Shadows is the first book. It was great. I'm reading the Negotiator right now. Listen to this. I flew to Dallas last weekend. Had my book with me. Read it on the plane ride down while I sat next to Mr. I'm About To Hyperventilate And Am Putting Out A Very Awkward Vibe Man. On the way back I took a Dramamine and was somewhere over the rainbow that did not include book reading. I used my boarding pass as a bookmark on the way down.

I pick up my book today and continue reading where I left off. Boarding pass still being used as a bookmark. Well, in the book a PLANE BLOWS UP IN THE AIR. I'm just gonna tell you right now, it is a good thing I did not read that part while in the air. That would have been some tough times.

My friend Kelly has been talking about a series she's enjoying and the laundry that is being effected. I say there is nothing better than enjoying a good read and letting the house go to pot.

Speaking of pot, today at church I had the boys in the bathroom with me. There were some feminine products on the counter (not mine). My oldest boy said, "Oh look Mom, Diapers!"


Jenny said...

hahaha! love it! After Andrew went to the dentist, he got a wrapper out of the trash can from a feminine product and acted like he was a dental hygienist and it was his mask! I was like, "Oh NO NO NO"!! haha!

Erica said...

You don't know me but I'm a friend of Paige C. Anyway I've read all the books in this series...they are GREAT! I was so sad when I read the last book!

the Fosters said...

Glad you were knocked out for the rest of the book on the plane. Enjoy every minute of reading. It decreases our chances of Alzhemiers!

Becke' said...

I have read every single book in that series! They are so good. I think the first may have been my fave, though!

Mae said...

What do you do in Dallas? :) I'm here in Dallas! Well, north of Dallas. I feel the next time I will see you is when (shh... Rebecca gets married) Hope she doesn't read this. heh.