Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fuzz

today we were driving around town and passed the popo. the fuzz. snake in the grass.

i said, "oh look boys, it's the fuzz!" i was so happy i was being a good, law abiding citizen going 30.

my oldest son said, "MOM, stop calling them the fuzz. say the popo or the police!!!"

my bad.


Samantha said...


Savannah said...

Anna, you crack me up.
Jeremy would have gone one step further.... The Five-Oh, the Heat, the PO-leese, the Coppers.... you get it.

the Percifuls said...

That's hilarious! Tristan got my scrapbooking stickers one time, and stuck one on his big police car that said "This little piggy..." I laughed & laughed!

Alison said...

I love it that they said to say "popo"!

BTW...I have linked to your Prayer Cards post today on my blog:

NEDDIE said...

Ha! That is too funny! I love those little toots!

The Uptons said...

oh, your children are so cultured!! love it