Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fair Weather Blogger

I've been a busy bee.

Actually I've just been super tired and not getting on the computer.

Well, actually, I've been on that floor plan website and driving around looking for land.

Tonight we loaded up the bus and excitedly drove over to get our $25 of free Clinique.

If you heard the news, don't bother unless you got a letter in the mail saying they owed you some free moisturizer.

With dashed and shattered dreams, we went to eat Mexican with no free Clinique in hand. Mamaw and I joked at least we got the right color and it will probably be the exact right formula.

Today I got some Loreal Tube Extension somethin' or other mascara. Strange. But I am excited and next time you see me my lashes will be 80% longer so you better watch out.

Have a good en'.


Samantha said...

I have been wondering about that tube mascara stuff.. let me know how it works, because the ads in the store look interesting but kind of strange, and it makes me curious. Unfortunately, I don't need new mascara right now, so I don't have an excuse to try it out.

Jenny said...

my cousin got some of that free moisturizer.... thanks for the warning about the eyelashes... so if I see a set of long eyelashes coming toward me at church, I'll know there's Anna attached.

Savannah said...

Yes, do blog your mascara experience!

The Merediths said...

Now, I just walked right into Dillard's yesterday and they gave me free Estee Lauder Night Repair moisturizer by just signing a piece of paper. Did you guys not get anything?? Go back!! You were robbed!