Monday, September 14, 2009

My Fashion Advisor

My resident fashion advisor is a 6'3", 200 lb, athletic male who works with teeanagers for a living. Exactly. Here is the drill we go through periodically, but espcially before I am about to leave for a business trip.

I begin the Fashion Show in my bedroom. I get on an outfit and come jingling (thanks to the jewelry) down the Runway (you might recognize it as our hall). If the sound of my entrance does not announce me, which it won't, this is the conversation that will take place.

Me: Hey Babe, what do you think about this outfit?

Him: He will glance up from his computer for .8 seconds and say, "LooksGreat."

Me: Can you please LOOK at me? Do these shoes look right?"

Him: They look kind of faded

Me: My pants or the shoes?

Him: The pants

Me: Ok, let me go try on something else.

7 minute intermission

Me: What do you think about this?

Him: It'sFine (one word spoken quickly)

Me: Do you think this dress makes me look like a bubble? (I turn sideways so he can evaluate)

Him: You know, it kinda does.

Me: Drats-I knew it.

7 minute intermission

At this point I have to try on the outfit that is airdrying and still damp. It may work for my event but I have to double check and no it does not matter that I just wore the same exact outfit two days ago. Something may have changed in the last 48 hours that I am not aware of.

At this point a good hour has passed and I am feeling like either a trip to the consignment shop or a trip to Dillard's for a pair of Spanx is in order. As least I have my jewelry I want to wear picked out. This is a huge thing down.

I hang my options up. I have one for sure outfit and several "I have to see how I feel in the morning outfits."

Getting dressed with your Fashion Advisor can be tricky sometimes.


'The H Family' said...

i love it!! the very conversation is truly repeated in this home on a weekly basis as well!! if you decide to give your fashion advisor the boot, let me know and i can try to fill in for him!! :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

This is hilarious! Reminds me very much of my friend and her husband and how she "consults" him on her outfits! Ha!

Becke' said...

Next time, just give me a call. I'll be happy to watch the runway show. :)

Alison said...

You always look cute when I see you.

Stephanie said...

I miss you Anna!!!

Susan said...

This story is the very reason I keep checking in on the Bugs and Sunshine periodically.. you are hilarious!! My runway show is very similar only I don't have a fashion advisor and so I fear much of the time I step out the door wearing ill-advised outfits ;) I'm sure you looked great because the jewelry is what makes the outfit remember! Hope you had a great time in Memphis!