Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decorating With Smell

This is one of my favorites. A good smelling home. "And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume" John 12:3 We've talked before about how the stamp of Jesus and his love on your house fills it with the best fragrance you can find. Here are some more great options.

  • dab the top of a cold light bulb with vanilla extract and turn the light on-it will smell like you've been baking when in reality you've been in your pj's surfin the net...i...i mean you've been providing educational learning activities for your children all day long in between spot cleaning hard to reach places and preparing a well balanced nutritious digornio...i mean meal for your family
  • light a candle-this is a double good one-you get the ambiance of the flicker of the light and you get smell. my recommendation right now-TYLER HOMECOMING-listen to this definition: Memories come to mind of falling leaves, football games, and family gatherings. Spiced orange and cinnamon are combined with allspice to complete this warm and inviting fragrance. Color Golden Amber...if you have to have this candle you can go to http://www.suepatrick.com/ and when you spend $25 she will ship to you for free...i am so sorry i am enabling you today, it's a weakness of mine
  • cook something that smells good like a roast/crock pot recipes

  • bake cookies. bake cake. bake brownies.
  • place cinammon sticks, cloves, orange slices in a saucepan filled with water. simmer uncovered. homemade potpourri.

  • spray a great smelling spray around the doorway/entrance right before company comes. aromatique has gggggreeeeeat options.
  • use linen spray on your sheets before you crawl in. lavender vanilla from bath and body works is a great option. egyptian cotton from bed bath and beyond is another great option.
  • use scented shelf liner in your drawers and on your closet shelves. my favorite is summer hill from crabtree and evelyn.
  • pledge and windex make your house smell clean and fresh.
  • shine your surfaces. right before you are expecting company give your bathroom counter tops and kitchen sink/counters a generous spray with windex and wipe down quickly with a clean cloth. run a quick vacuum and your house is spruced up.

Happy First Day Of Fall Ya'll!

(please excuse the dot fest on the left...bullet points gone awry...i hate it when that happens. thank you and have a nice day)


Alison said...

Thanks for all great tips today and yesterday. I'm look forward to the rest of "Decorating with the 5 Senses"!

'The H Family' said...

thanks anna!! i love all the fun tips..your home is definitely a prime example of all of these! :) i was so planning on seeing if you and the boys wanted to come over today for a 'play date' and then the hubster came down with strep throat yesterday. didn't think you wanted to come to a 'strep play date'! :) maybe we could plan on next wed. afternoon. i'll call or fb ya once i see what the hubster has going on!! :)