Friday, September 4, 2009


Really Wal-Mart chicken people?
Is that so?
You can imagine my surprise when I opened up my bag of boneless, skinless chicken to find 5 pieces in the bag.
The serving size said 12.
I think we should rename the label.
Serving size 12 IF you are making a casserole that your family will be in a puddle of tears and revolt over OR IF you are making a big pot of soup in which case the same reaction can be expected.


Jennifer said...

I can see how 5 chicken breasts would serve 10; David and I usually split one chicken breast and it's plenty. (We seem to get some HUGE chickens here in Arkansas!) Maybe those bags usually have 6 and yours only had 5 for some reason.

Leslie said...

We usually use one chicken breast for our family too. =) That'd be like 25 servings!