Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Photo Editing

Warning: If you have things you need to do such as feeding your Peeps, laundry, etc, do not check this site out. I'm just sayin'. Your man will be saying, "Woman, are you readin' them Twilight books again, where are you?"

Cinema Scope Feature: Coming soon to a theatre near you. Youth Pastor's sons turn into monkey's that play in the water every afternoon. They also eat shoes.

Ortonish & Soften Feature:No your eyes are not deceiving you and yes these are two angels!

Vignette Feature: Darkens the border

This picture is Shane praying with all three boys before bed. I Love this picture. You see the little guy lovin' on his dad, resting his head on his shoulder? You see the Size 2T Superman Underoo HOT PANTS my child loves to wear? He is a size 5.

1960's Feature: Isn't this cool? Looks like an old picture we recently found. This photo is the boys on a Saturday morning watching cartoons. They have sleepy eyes because they had just woken up.

Matte Feature: Creates a white border. Oh this picture melts my heart.

See ya'll later. Enjoy fixin' all your pictures. And enjoy the Hamburger Helper you'll probably be feedin' your Peeps tonight since you ran out of time to make Ina's French Dish. Jeffrey's going to be disappointed.

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Jena said...

You are so funny--Thanks for the photo tips!