Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buh-Bye Yesterday & Jon & Kate

I'll let the pictures tell you what kind of yesterday turned out to be. It was one of those where you wish you could click the little red box in the right corner and X out and be done for the day. Sigh. Well, come on in and have a look around. Let's kick off with the unmade bed, the root of all evil.
Since clutter attracts clutter, here are yesterday's clothes tossed on the floor.

I opened the door so you could see inside the laundry room, but before I took the picture the door was closed and that pile you see outside the door is from the last two days where my sweet peeps I live with tossed them at the end of the day.

This is the inside of my oven. I did not know what to cook last night. Aw man, I need to clean that sucker, that is gross. Do you have a self-cleaning oven? If you do we are happy for you and your clean oven self.

Awww yes, my shiny sink! It is shiny because...

We've eaten out the last three meals. We discovered the $1.00 Chicken Strip sandwiches and oh man, they are good. We have them hold the mayo though-sick!

I have food to cook.

So there ya have it folks. The chaos of my last two days. My fridge pics always make me laugh. There is always the token healthy thing hanging out inside that I only notice when the photo is taken. Today's token healthy thing is that Au La Natural Peanut Butter that we're all too scared to try.

We got to watch a little TV last night. We never watch TV shows until Biggest Looser comes on. Jon Gosselin was on last night and we were so excited to check it out. He seemed more outspoken last night than I've ever seen him. It will be interesting to see how Kate responds to that interview. And if anyone is curious what I think-I see both sides to their frustrations.

It appears from what has been shown on TV that their marriage has been all about the kids. If that truly has been the main focus-then no wander their marriage is in the dumps. I pray for Jon & Kate on the 8's (7:08, 8:28, etc) when I think about it. Should we make a Facebook group called Jon and Kate on the 8's? :) It would be awesome if they would reconcile, not for the kids, but to honor their marriage vows they made to each other.


Nic said...

I love you! Thanks for sharing! As i'm sitting here at the computer with a massive pile of laundry needing to folded and put away AND I do have a self cleaning oven but never used it and we have been here 3 years. Now thats scary!

Wendy said...

I agree with you on the Jon & Kate thing. I didn't watch that interview last night, but I did watch their last episode where they announced they were splitting up. ALL either of them ever says is "for the kids, about the kids, the kids, the kids, the kids!" I had the same thought back in the summer that they only had a "marriage" because of the kids. I have prayed for them, too.

Becke' said...

The Jon and Kate thing breaks my heart...I don't watch the show, but everytime I see a pic of her, she looks so angry she could spit. I've been praying for many little hearts involved.
I bet your house looks awesome today!

Leslie said...

I should have called you when I thought of it yesterday. I had the WORST day ever yesterday too. We could have just gotten the kids together at the Chick and let them run wild whilst we sipped on a milkshake not made from our own kitchens!
I won't be at your party! I'd love to be, but I just can't swing it with my crazy day in Little Rock tomorrow. SORRY!

Jenny said...

hahaha.. LOVE the pics! you always make me smile!

jon and kate break my heart BUT oh what a reminder to pray for your spouse, keep God the focus and enjoy each other... so, so sad!