Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry Training

(please excuse me-I'm doing a training for my jewelry divas via the blog because it's the best way to post pictures)

Girls ya'll are going to love this. A little organization for your portable home office (aka everything you need for check out time at your jewelry show). You may have to purchase the first three items and the rest you probably already have on hand. These are the only materials you need to get organized:

  1. a zippered Trapper Keeper
  2. a clear zipper bag for the inside
  3. 3 report covers that have a side swing clip to hold material in place
  4. clear page protectors
  5. labels
  6. black marker
  7. calculator
  8. bag of ink pens ( $.99)
  9. business cards (print off at for free)

I'm not gonna show you the bag I used to carry that was CHAOS because as of 10 minutes ago I turned over a new leaf :). Here are some photos so you can see what your notebook will look like. One thing that has been huge for me and my business is simplifying my materials, show, time, etc. I can arrive at a Jewelry Show, set-up, do my fashion show, let ladies shop, and be ready to go in 2 1/2 hours max.

If you are making more than one trip to your car then you have too much stuff. If it takes you longer than 10 minutes to set up and 5-10 minutes to tear down there is an easier and faster way. Ask me. The Trapper Keeper has an outside zipper to hold all your ink pens.

There is an accordian file folder in the front with 3 compartments. You can hold a catalog, mini catalogs, extra guest surveys, etc.
Side view of accordian file folder.

These are the clear report covers. Take 3 catalogs to your show for guests to browse. Your catalogs won't walk away with these covers on them. If a guest wants a catolog make sure you have your mini catalogs with you. In your handy dandy Trapper Keeper that is!

The inside of the Trapper Keeper. A place for business cards, pens, nametags and marker (I laid it on top of the compartment so you can see where those go)

A clear zippered bag for: ring sizer, necklace sizer, calculator, stamp with your contact info for receipts, change.

Clear Page Protectors for: Tax Rate Chart. You can easily and quickly glance at this to see your guests tax and total.

Customer Receipts

Opportunity Brochures for curious ladies.

Mini catalogs. You may find the accordian in the front a better place for your stash of mini catalogs and you need a full catalog for your own personal use at check-out time.
p.s. I got all my materials at Targe' but I'm sure WalMart has the same stuff and a lot of it is on sale right now. If you are wanting stretchy book covers to line your black velvet jewelry trays to showcase jewelry they are majorly on sale right now as well.

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The Moore's said...

beautiful! love it! want to go organize something...anything right away!!