Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bunk Beds

(this sweet little room was on Nester's site and I LOVE this style/setup...so cozy and warm)

I am curious about your thoughts on Bunk Beds. I would like a set-up that sleep 3. Which do you think is better:
  1. Twin Over Twin with a Trundle

  2. Full Over Full

  3. Twin Over Full

  4. Twin Over Twin on one side of the room and a regular Twin Size bed on the other side of the room. (this would look like the above picture except the left side would have a bunk)

The above picture is the size of the room we are working with. Do you have bunks? Do you like them or not? Help!!


jharrellphotography said...

Hey girl! We have a twin over full and it works out great! Both of my boys sleep on the bottom for now, but there is plenty of room even for me to lay down with them sometimes! Hope it helps :)

Samantha said...

I loved my bunk beds when I was younger! Mel and I would switch beds all the time, with top and bottom, so we got to have both.

Leslie said...

Have you thought of getting two sets of twin over twin bunks? This would allow for sleepovers in the near future. I just don't like the thought of having to push a bed in and out every day and I think you might have to do that so the boys could play if you did a trundle. I think in the room you have you'd be best off getting twin over twin and having the other bed on the other side for the other boy. OR an extra bunk set either one. Those are just my thoughts.=)
That room is nice, by the way. I love that blue table!

Becke' said...

I vote twin over full IF you have two kids that will actually sleep together and not play!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie!
I like twin over full (seems like it might be some safer if the top rider took a nosedive).

I think the trundle would be too cumbersome...and i'd feel like one Little Angel had been relegated to the floor :(

Love Ya!!! Y'Mama

Jenny said...

We have twin over twin and like it.. I think I would enjoy twin over full, too, though. I like our bunk bed b/c it's got a staircase up to the top bunk which makes me feel a little safer, also the staircase allows for drawers to be built in on the side and we love that!

~Savannah B said...

I like the idea of buying 2 twin/twins. OR, could you have somebody build a 3 tier bunk?

amy mathews said...

We have trundle beds. LOVe them!!!

amy mathews said...

We have trundle beds. LOVE THEM!!

Drea said...

we do have bunks :) as u saw today hehe. I like that mine can be seperates tho for the younger age or older age. I think between like age 8 and 15 ill have bunks.. for now tho the twin beds work and when the kids are older we can separate them if needed with twins again (if we had the room).