Thursday, September 11, 2008

The trip to the mall.

Yesterday at a little after 4pm I got a call asking if I wanted to run to the mall for bonus days.

Heck yeah I did! So, I loaded up the bus and off we went. We picked up my sis and her two kids. We pulled up to Dillard's and I mean the kids started unloading from our car in droves. 5 total but by the time you add the big diaper bag, 2 Texas sized purses, 2 Nintendo DS's and my 3 exceptionally loud boys it was a destined to be an experience.

First stop was the Dillard's bathroom. Two words here: Courtesy Flush. I mean really, how hard can it be? And while you're at it, can you please put some Aromatique potpourri in there please? I had 4 of the kids in the bathroom and was mouthing words like, HURRY UP FOR THE LOVE, pump that SOAP AND LET'S GET GOING BECAUSE THE GAS MASKS ARE IN THE CAR AND MAMA'S NOT GOING TO LAST MUCH LONGER IF WE STAY IN HERE...

Ahh, the Clinique man. Maybe I should leave well enough alone, but he put me in a black liquid eyeliner that you apply with a brush. Now I may be the one looking like a 10 cent hooker.

I was going for the darkest brown he had without getting the black eyeshadow. He tried to tell me the black shadow would work great for an "evening look." Laugh in my heart I did. I was thinking, Mr. my evening look is a ponytail with 3-5 clips/bobby pins to keep all hair out of my face, my green moo-moo, no make-up, moisturizer and chapstick. The black kind. Of chapstick not shadow.

We then preceded to the food court.

We looked like Hands Across America walking through the mall.

I need to say that if by some chance you are reading this and have not tried the new Chick-fil-A house dipping sauce that you should drop everything and go try it now. On your fries, nuggets, everything. It will not disappoint.

I tried the new Bath and Body Works lotion that's supposed to be all the rave. I liked it, Natalie did not.

We shopped in Prom Dresses for awhile, I tried on a $400 coat just because I can, and then we headed home.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have bought some of those cute rain boots that Becky liked, cause girl, it's comin again! Sounds like you had a great time. Betty

Jennifer said...

Y'all are a hoot!

the condrays said...

I tagged you. Check out my blog for details.


Stuart Fam said...

Speaking of rainboots, JLo said Wilkinson's was sold out, too! Where am I to go? Target was sold out of them and won't be getting any til OCTOBER! Anyways, next time you girls go to the mall, I want an invite! I don't remember the last time I went to LR to go shopping! Sounds kinda fun...especially the trying on stuff you can't afford part.

Jenny said...

Girl... I want to see a pic of you in that eye makeup:)

Stuarts said...

Cracking up here in St. Louis. A great depiction of "malling" with kids.

Aunt Neddie said...

That trip was well described. An adventure for sure! The best part was when you or I would run into a store (just for a sec- Right!) and leave the other one with all 5 kids! The looks people were giving were hilarious and some seemed perplexed... funny word perplexed. Anyways- Ike is on the way so save yourselves and come on to the the country!