Friday, September 19, 2008

My head hurts

Hopefully it is just exhaustion but my head is hurting so bad. Behind my eyes. And my throat feels scratchy. And I am so-ho-oh tired.

I have a cup of tea steeping and it said to meditate on eternal mysteries while I wait so here I am.

The first day of Fall is MONDAY. The high is 84. I am so ready to pull out turtlenecks. A black turtleneck with jeans is a favorite of mine in the Fall. I found the cutest ballet slippers at Wal-Mart for $9. They are going to be so fun with jeans. The jeans I don't have. But I can see it in my head. My head that hurts. (by the way, Tazo Calm tea is SO good)

I need some jeans. When I pulled my winter clothes from the attic I realized my 2 pairs I had were needing to go. So, I consigned them, yeah for me. Jeans are one thing I am willing to spend good money on because I wear them nearly every single day in the winter/fall months. I'd love to know where you get your favorite jeans.

But, I just really do not enjoy finding the right pair. Part of me is really tempted to wear my maternity ones this season but I need to get control of those thoughts! Get behind me Satan! I think it was around this time last year when I was really having the itching to buy me and the boys matching sweatsuits from Wal-Mart. They are on display by the OJ and they just call to you, buy me, buy me, show no regard for fashion and buy me.

OK, I'll confess. I bought a sage green pair. And I vowed not to wear them in public. And there is a slight possibility the day after Thanksgiving Shane drug my sick preggo self to the early bird sales, and I may have had my sweats on with no make-up and a big old Razorback t-shirt sticking out of the bottom of the sweats that were too tight because of my belly. THERE I SAID IT AND I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. Well, except for my head.

I don't know how ya'll drag this stuff out of me but now that I've got that off my chest I'm going to bed.


The Moore's said...

1. you DID NOT wear the sweats in public!! Not even Premier can make that look be designer! I almost want to forgive you because you were so sick and so prego...but I just CAN'T!!!
2. I've found some really cute jeans at JC Penney and at Old Navy...but the Old Navy ones don't fit me as sister loves them though!! I get tons of compliments on the JC Penney ones...they have designer looking pockets. I think that makes all the difference.
3. you CANNOT give into the display of sweats EVER!! Check out the yoga pants and jackets at Old Navy or the Gap . So very comfy...can be accessorized...can be worn in public...worth every penny!!
4. I love Calm Tea...and I pray your headache gets better quickly!
5. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE give into the urge to shop the fall display of sweats that are sure to be coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you.

The Moore's said...

6. DO NOT RESORT TO YOUR MATERNITY PANTS!! Stacy Londen would literally hunt you down and put you on What Not to are way too cute for that. (I would love a new $5000 wardrobe though!!)

bugs and sunshine said...

no worries this year because my yoga pants fit again. PTL!!

the Fosters said...

I love jeans! I think they are my favorite item of clothing! I think it is very important to have a good pair of jeans that can be worn on any occasion and that fits to your body almost perfect. I don't spend a lot of money on clothes, except for jeans. I do buy the designer jeans. I know I probably shouldn't but I do feel like they are worth it. I haven't bought jeans in over 3 years and have been wearing the same ones since then but still love them. They are not out of style still. So, that is my 2 cents on jeans. Most of my shirts come from Target, but I do splurge on jeans. I will admit, sometimes I wish all jeans, not just the maternity ones, had elastic because after a long day of wearing jeans, sometimes it just feels better to unbutton and let loose.

Jenny said...

Girl, I have the hardest time buying jeans or pants because my legs are just SO darn long;).

I confess that I am a closet sweat suit mamma. I've got several pair of white sweat pants that I've had for over 10 years, they're extra long and I wear them over my feet and legs:) in the winter time... only around the house.

Hope you're headache is better!! I had a killer one (headache and neckache) yesterday, too...

Jennifer said...

You are too funny!

I haven't given in to the sweats, but once when I was pregnant I wore my oh-so-comfy velour jogging suit (zip-up hoodie style) to Wal-Mart. I was maybe 6 months along. I soon decided that to get away with that outfit in public, I needed to be either extremely thin and fit, or very obviously pregnant. I just looked fat.

I get most of my clothes, including jeans, at Kohl's. I like the Sonoma ones. But it's all about finding the brand that fits you. And good luck with that.

I'm jealous of the $9 shoes. I have a narrow foot and can't wear shoes from Wal-Mart, Payless, etc. I have to go to a real shoe store and spend real money on shoes. So no cute little ballerina flats for me.

Hope your head is better this morning! That scratchy-throat feeling is never a good sign... but hopefully you've slept it off!

Megan said...

so funny!

i love jeans!! my favorite pair are from Gap that I got on clearance for $6.47!

Amanda said...

I think the last few times I've bought jeans, I've bought them at Kohl's. Levi's are a good standby. I refuse to pay more than $30 for a pair of jeans. $15 is more like it. I did get an ultra-cute pair that I can only wear when I'm super skinny (like after exclusively nursing for 10 months and doing South Beach Diet) for $6 at Kohls...and they're Levi's. I think that's rad. Just don't buy mom jeans. No long zippers, and they better not get too close to your bellybutton. LOL.

Stuarts said...

Elastic waistband with pleeeeenty of room for a Cinnabon - sounds good to me. Wear those maternity jeans proudly girl! Just let Shane know so he can walk a few steps behind you in the somfort of anonimity. And yes, Stacy London would probably tar and feather you nationally for such a faux pas. Just consider yourself forewarned.

Mae Goh-Morton said...

You crack me up, I love it!
I got my ONE pair of jeans that I love from China en route to Singapore on my last trip home, so I need new jeans too! American jeans don't always fit me right.
Let me know what you find.
Yes, no giving in to the sweats! You are TOO cute to wear them.
Hi by the way, I'm a friend of Shane and Megan, and Jill. :)

The Walkie Talkie said...

First, let me say I laughed for 3 days over the Starbucks post. Since reading it I went to Starbucks and enjoyed the people watching all the more.

Secondly, I splurge on jeans too. Although this season I too may have to sport my maternity jeans. No shame girl, I have sported my maternity swimsuit all summer. I walked around the pool with my head held high. I digress...

Joe's Jeans are a favorite brand of mine as well as Paper, Denim and Cloth (which in the designer world are not that expensive coming in at under $100). One good place to find lower priced designer jeans is at Sam's club (where I got two pairs of Joe's) or on e-bay. I have never done it personally but a friend has with GREAT success.

And yes, I do walk around my house singing John Denver songs.

Keep the hits coming!

rindy said...

anna, you are just like i remember you, freakin hilarious! i'm so glad i get to experience your humor again. it really takes me back to life in conway. ah, memories!