Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun Blogs

Here are some of the fun blogs I read. I love all my bloggin' friends! This is a tag from Paige!

Paige is my new friend of a few months! She LOVES cooking too!

Becke' & Brittney are my old friends from college. They are not old, be we've been friends for 14 years!

Amanda & Sarah are the reasons I blog. They are the first blogs I ever read regularly.


Amanda said...

Well, I must say I'm honored! :) Comment love is hard to come by sometimes. Glad to know you really and truly like my blog! I prefer baking over cooking any ole day. I think it's b/c the result is SWEET. EVERY TIME. Those Grandma church cookbooks are the worst.

the condrays said...

As am I...honored, that is! Thanks for the tag. Didn't know you read us. I hope never to disappoint.

the condrays said...

and I LOVE those grandma church cookbooks. (o: