Monday, September 15, 2008

Queen of Procrastination

I wish I could be the queen of something else other than procrastination.

It is 4:15 and I just can't seem to get motivated to get going with what needs done.

Today's mission is to clean the base of the toilets. I also need to get dinner going. I've got a training tonight I'm helping lead.

Saturday I made a discovery about myself. I actually re-discover this "new" discovery every few months. It happens when we have no groceries and I haven't cooked in awhile. So, I pull out a cookbook and head straight for the dessert recipes. I can't remember what main dishes my family likes so why not bake?

I have the ingredients to make a streusel cake. It has cinnamon in it which is perfect for fall weather. It smells so good baking.

We have Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla and we like to mix in Double Stuff Oreos. That sounds good for dinner as well.

Or do we want to have some chocolate chip cookies?

I have 5 pounds of Ground Hamburger. DING DING DING, we have a package of burger buns. OK Folks, we're having burgers tonight!!! I knew if I got on this blog something productive would come of it.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and I'll be here every Monday night at 4! Unless of course I forget or get sidetracked...

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Jenny said...

Mmmmm I love burgers, but of course cookies and ice cream sounded good for dinner, too.