Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soda Run

Amanda had the cutest idea on her blog yesterday. It is called doing a "Soda Run". Last night after dinner we loaded up the bus and I surprised the boys with our first ever soda run. We chose Cracker Barrel. We each picked our drink and then sat on the porch with the rocking chairs and checker games.
Shane told me I sounded like Buddy the Elf when I asked Amanda, "What's a Soda Run I want one!!!"

Little Bit fell asleep reading the Advertencia on his car seat.
Cracker Barrel has the really good Stewart's brand of drinks. If anyone else tries a soda run, let me know where you go! Next time we are going to try the big Exxon off the interstate and see what kind of fountain drinks they have. We want Vanilla in our DP! We want Vanilla in our DP!!
Hey good news, I saw a dog today!


Jennifer said...

So do you dress all of your big boys in red so you can keep up with them?

Looks like a fun idea! Next time try slipping a little Coke in J's bottle... maybe he won't sleep through all the fun. :)

Jenny said...

Ooo... great idea!! We may have to make a visit:)

I've not had any problems looking at Becke's blog. Maybe she's blocked you:)

team larsen said...

I noticed that Luke had a fulled leaded coke there. :) All I can say is you won't see any of the younger team larsen contingency with any "caffeinated" beverage if we try a coke run. Especially if it happens anytime after 9 a.m. My kids would be nutso lol! Only mommy gets the caffeine drinks! :)

team larsen said...

Excuse my mispellings. It's hard to type while nursing. :) I meant fully leaded. lol!

Samantha said...

That is such a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

sounds yummo!

Amanda said...

I love the Buddy the Elf comment (b/c Dave and I LOVE that movie--watch it every year now!), and I'm laughing about the advertencia too...I'm glad you all had fun!!! Definitely give the Exxon a try...didn't they move the Frank Brannen's out to a gas station on 365??? You could try there too.

Kim said...

Hey Girl! I read your blog all the time just haven't ever posted. But I had to tell you that I loved this idea. I took the girls today to Cracker Barrel and did the same thing. They thought that was great. They're already talking about which coke they'll pick out next time we go. :) So thanks for sharing!!!!
Kim Brown -- if you don't remember me, just ask Becke'

The Moore's said...

Love the Soda Run idea!! So fun! Pretty sure when we do ours we'll run to the nearest White Oak station for a Dr. Pepper slush...yes, Dr. Pepper in a Slushie machine!!!