Monday, September 8, 2008

A note to the big spider that just ran under my couch.

You have forced me to post twice in one day, something I really try not to do.
Don't think I don't know you're under their hiding. Yes I did just spray the perimeter of the couch with nearly an entire can of Lysol trying to kill you. And I'm here with my broom and bottle of Lysol and if you come out I'm gonna get you sucka! So be afraid because I'm alot bigger than you.


Jenny said...

Oooo, girl. I feel your pain!!!

Stuarts said...

I have always said that when it comes to big, creepy bugs, it's them or me and if it comes right down to it - they can have the house! I'll get a room att he Ritz. Okay, not the Ritz, but a loevly Marriot would be just as fine - just someplace where they take care of the bugs for you. Hope you caught him!

Stuart Fam said...

Girl, trash the Lysol and invest in some RAID!! That'll get the job done!

The Merediths said...

Ohhh, as I was feeding Carter last night in his room, I looked up and right above his crib, there was a massive (granted only a granddaddy longlegged spider but STILL they are big!) spider. I asked Kurt to come get it down because visions of the spider carrying Carter off in his sleep were paining me as I fed him. Kurt just swiped at the spider and he fell. On the ground. Nowhere to be found. I woke up multiple times last night to check on Carter. I just knew that spider was sleeping right next to him. I'm shivering thinking about it.

Hey, I guess next time I'll just use a little Lysol to spray around the premises, since that seems to work for you!