Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The kids are talking

The big boys are beginning to ask more questions with no filters on their mouths.

Take last night for instance when we were loading up the bus to go somewhere. Our neigbhor Edgar who lives 2 houses down was outside smoking a cigarette or something. My oldest, who as I have mentioned before has a very loud voice, asked, "MOMMY, IS ED-Guh A FUNNY NAME????" I'm like, no honey, Edgar is not a funny name.

Then big red chimes in, "YES IT IS MOMMY, ED-guh IS TOO A FUNNY NAME."

I'm like breaking out into hot flashes trying to quietly give the "God made us all special and we come in all shapes and sizes" talk.

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Savannah said...

Bryton really likes to point out when kids at Walmart and Target are being bad.

He also asked if Bellah would crawl out of my belly button when it is time for her to be born, and then in nearly the same breath, he asked if Santa's reindeer could REALLY fly.

It was easier when they couldn't talk!