Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breakfast Blend

We grew up watching my parents drink Folgers CLASSIC ROAST. Sometime last year Shane and I became coffee drinkers so that is what I've always bought. Last night at the store I noticed the breakfast blend. The can was so cheerful and fun I had to try it. Well, I really love it. It is very mild and yummy.

We are new coffee drinkers and like a LOT of cream with our coffee or a little coffee with our cream-however you want to look at it. And we are very particular with our cream because it has to be Coffeemate flavored cream from the refrigerated section-and it can't be sugar free either. We like Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

Here's the story on how we became coffee drinkers. Maybe this time last year it seems like I kept hearing people talk about having friends over for coffee and dessert. That sounded so fun, and like a great thing to do. So, my parents are letting us use their 4 cup Gevalia coffee maker and it's just perfect.

If we invest in a good coffee pot I want to get the kind my friend April has. It has some kind of special holding chamber for the coffee so it doesn't burn if it sits for awhile.

So that's that.

It has been a perfectly lazy morning. I'm still in my gown. The boys are playing PlayStation and watching videos because that's the kind of good mama I am. John Rosemond would be so proud of me. Really, we're hearing him speak next weekend and I know after that I'll be donating the TV and Games so I'd better let them get their fix this week.

I drank the entire pot of coffee and am getting some work done.

It's lunch time now and then rest time! Later!


Anonymous said...

Your day sounds wonderful to me!


the Fosters said...

We became coffee drinkers about 3 years ago or so. We are coffee fanatics!! We started out using creamer, but now we just use splenda. Travis and I usually drink an entire pot every morning and we usually drink some at night(we won't be doing that anymore though because the last 2 nights it has kept us up). Enjoy your coffee time. Sat. mornings are are favorite time because we can drink together and watch the kiddos play.

the condrays said...

My husband and I are coffee fanatics. My whole kitchen is decorated with coffee paraphernalia. The walls are even painted a color called JAVA. A little over the top, I know. Anyway, I bought him one of those cofee makers that grinds the beans fresh for you each morning before brewing the coffee. We spent a week on the Kona Coast of Hawaii a few years ago and became coffee snobs. Only the best for us now. (o:

Stuart Fam said...

I felt AWFUL when I didn't have the right creamer at my house for you! Folks, powdered Coffee Mate doesn't cut it for this gal! What you should do, Anna, is start adding some coffee straight to the coffee mate bottle...I am sure things will mix very well that way! BTW, can you get on my blog yet? That darn Satan! Is this week vacation for you all? Whatcha doin'?

Jenny said...

I wished I liked coffee... I've tried it over and over but I don't like it:(... I'd have to drink the flavored creamer all by itself.. hmmmm... I've never tried that before:)

So I'm wondering if you drink decaf? If not, does little Jack-Jack stay wired??:)

The Uptons said...

Chad and I might as well be in elementary school...no coffee, no scary movies, no caffiene after noon. Just not our style I guess. It does have a sense of maturity about it though! The jean post was hilarious...as usual, you leave me thinking about things way too much! I don't spend money on jeans...I'm still waiting to get back to my 22 year old body...ha! I will say, I have never tried on an expensive pair..that might change my tune...I might feel like I have that 22 year old body:)