Thursday, September 25, 2008

i saved a bundle on my car insurance by switching to geico

well, not really, but i wish.

why is it that every time i get a new bottle of shampoo or shower gel i feel compelled to read the directions. literally, i love reading bottle labels, and i simply cannot use a product until i've read the directions.

why is this? it's shampoo for the love of pete. not rocket science. shampoo. been using the stuff for over 30 years.

i was using a new shampoo tonight, and it has some new wording i have not seen. it said to use the shampoo in synergy with the conditioner and i totally froze. uh. you want me to do what?

i'm used to the wash. rinse. repeat if necessary regimen.

while we are on the subject of fancy shampoo talk, i'm just going to give you my tip for the off brand parents choice shampoo you might be using on yo' babies head. or the sauve. or any off-brand type product. it is really great to read the label in the spanish but with more of a french accent.

instead of PARENT'S CHOICE SHAMPOO it turns into Para Champu el Bebes. that is so nice is it not? do you know why we choose Para Champu el Bebes at our house? because when the little angels decide to squirt half the bottle into their bath water to make bubbles it is ok.


Jennifer said...

Where do you come up with this stuff?!? It must be all that coffee. :-)

Jenny said...

hahaha:) I knew when I read the title this was going to be a good one:)! Love it and we use Para Champu Bebe, or whatever you said, too:)

the Fosters said...

I am all about cheap shampoo even for me. I have tried the expensive stuff and my hair looks and feels the same. Why do all kids want to dump the shampoo in the water and watch the bubbles? How in the world did you get your boys in Chick Fil A today without going to the playground?