Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Focus

Last week we had a weekly focus and it helped me so much.  All week long we focused on making our beds each day as well as putting our clothes away when we were done.

I only had to wash one load of clothes last week.  Can you believe that?

Our weekly focus for this week is putting others first.  As you might imagine, that was birthed from a fight over Lego's on Sunday.  Someone had the audacity to start WWWIII because he took the desired arms for the Storm Trooper that happened to be in high demand that day.

It is living room week over at Flylady.  I'm not really focusing on only the living room this week.  I'm using that as a springboard for something fun.  As I shared earlier this week, I am using this week to think through each room in our house.
What is the purpose of this room? That is a question you should be able to answer for each room in your home.  Is this space functioning in the most strategic way?  Is there another creative way we could make the space work better for our family?
I have seen my friends do some genius things in their homes.  Several years ago, my friend and her family had three children, and were living in a home that was maybe around 1100 square feet.  She did something daring and out of the box with her space. 
They turned the master bedroom into the kids room.  Since they had 3 children sleeping in 2 sets of bunk beds in one room and another on the way, they just swapped the master bedroom and kids room.  It made everything about taking care of the little one's easier.  The bathroom was right there so getting ready for bath and bed was more convenient.  The bigger closet housed all the kids clothes, plus homeschooling materials.  Then the parents room and nursery were on the other end of the house.  It was one of the smartest, most creative things I've ever seen done.
It is just amazing how you can creatively think through a space.  I actually pray over how to use our rooms.  I'm embarrassed to say that for a nano-second I actually thought maybe we should buy a bigger house just because I found out I was having another baby.  Temporary moment of insanity I guess.  We have a 1900 square foot home with plenty of room. As I look around my home, there is no way I'd want to move.  We've spent four years cultivating it to our tastes.
Everything is painted, carpeted and tiled how we like it.  We've spent hours in the yard re-planting and sodding.  And now I am re-thinking spaces again.  My two biggest challenges right now are where to put school materials and a crib.  I just love a good decorating challenge.
As I daydream about decorating, this hutch is the thing I can't quit thinking about.  Don't you know it used to be a glossy oak with glass doors.  Somebody probably found it for a steal, painted it this glorious light blue and lined the back with paper.  So a hutch like this to turn into a book shelf is on my radar.  So are ugly lamps.  Our poor lamps.  They are all wompy jawed.  I'm on the hunt for big ugly ones to spray paint and make wonderful.

The other high profile thing on my decorating wish list is a gaudy frame that I can turn into a chalkboard for the kitchen.  We sit at the table for school and I need something to write on that is, ya know, cute as can be.  I can't be havin' no Plain Jane dry erase board up in the kitchen.  We all know that.  But something like this mirror, hung the other way (horizontally), painted in, eh, I don't know, aqua, this would hit the nail on the head.

So there ya' have it.  This week we're trying to put others first and I'm off in la-la land daydreaming.

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