Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Hint...

We are on vacation, also known as staycation for the next week or so. I need robbers casing my house via the housewife blog to notice the stay part of vacation.  Plus my jewelry is all high fashion so you'd be so sad at your loot.  That paired with the fact that we try to be a little anti-technology the best you'd come out with is a Gameboy via 1999. 

I celebrated a birthday this week.  The picture below will give you a hint on what we did to celebrate...

Not exactly my idea of a rip roaring good time.  Truth be told, decking the halls is a pain in the neck for me!  The garland has a mind of its own.  My head elf gets frustrated when I make us get out tape measures to make sure stockings are hung perfectly even lest it drive me crazy all the rest of the live long year.

I had my reasons for decking the halls on my b-day though.  It was the weather forecast.  Today is supposed to be rainy all day long.  This is the kind of day dreams are made of.

A house decked with twinkly lights, lamps, candles, pj's all day long, candles, books, blankets and all 5 of us under one roof...we even brought in the coffee machine; this equals perfection to my heart.  We haven't brewed coffee in 5 months because it smelled like skunk to me {tragic, huh?}  It was a little touch and go with the smell this morning, but that hazelnut creamer set things right.  We've spent the morning in our chairs talking and reading.  Our five year old has been asking all day if it was Christmas.  We are in for a loooong 48 days!

Tonight we're making the first batch of chili and I'm baking something.  It is either going to be a flat apple pie or a sugar dusted apple bundt cake.  Both choices paired with the fact that I am planning around Ned's forecast solidify the fact that I am indeed getting older.  And I can't leave out the fact that the TV and music are always way too  loud these days.  In my defense I did get a pair of hipster glasses.  I'm trying. 

The next couple weeks I am trying out some new dessert recipes.  If they are good I'm going to share them with you.  The sugar dusted apple bundt cake has me really excited.  It has orange juice and a can of apple pie filling inside.  No chopping apples.  I hope we all love it.  I'll also be sharing vacation ideas in the coming weeks.


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