Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Other Focus

Besides working on our bedrooms this week we have some more areas of focus.

For one, KINDNESS is an attribute we have been talking about all week.  We've been talking a lot about how the tongue holds the power of life and death. 

And...I've been working on an experiment.  Getting dressed every morning.  I bet some of you are laughing right about now.  I loooove my pajamas.  This is my new pair I got for my birthday.  They are the softest, warmest, cutest things in the whole entire wide world.  But thanks to my stupid experiment, they are spending the daytime hours hanging in my closet.  Believe you me, after dinner but before Wheel of Fortune, I've been bee-lining it to the bathroom to take off my face and put 'em back on.

In the midst of all the renewed energy of the week, today I have been sleepy.  Must lay down.  It is mid afternoon and I haven't accomplished a thing today.  Toys are scattered everywhere and exciting things like spelling tests await me.  My friend warned me having a baby in the older years is tiring and boy was she not kidding.

I just wanted to hop on and say hello while I drank my Dr. Pepper and ate my pretzels.  I'm off to administer spelling tests and a math lesson.

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