Friday, November 1, 2013

Best One Ever

This Halloween went down in the books as being the best one ever (minus our other friends who got sick at the last minute and couldn't come and we sure did miss them).  The weather was amazing.  It was windy and leaves were everywhere so it looked very Fall-ish.

Wolverine (yellow costume) stole my heart.  He won the award for most school spirit.  He ran up to every door with so much excitement you couldn't help but smile from ear to ear watching him enjoying himself and having so much fun.

Oh look at that.  A pumpkin bat on the water spicket.  Purty.

We grown ups had some school spirit too.   I felt like the Great Pumpkin.  I don't have a short sleeved maternity shirt that is casual so Koooool-Aiiiiiid Oooooh Yeeeeeahhhh had to do.  Who knew that shirt had so much give.  I asked Shane if it looked trashy.  He said yeah, but it's a holiday so you're good.  We are so redneck.

These are our sweet friends who were quarantined.  There were some tears shed over their absence!

Our neighborhood goes cray cray in a good way at Halloween.  You cannot get in or out of the hood it is so busy.

We have a very fun tradition of coming home from trick-or-treating and drinking hot apple cider with orange cinnamon mulling spices and eating gingerbread with Cool-Whip.  Mmmm.

Now to put up the tree.

I cannot help myself.

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