Friday, November 22, 2013

Joys of Homeschooling

We began our homeschool journey with a DVD curriculum.  It was nice because the teachers were on the DVD.  All I had to do was make sure they had the appropriate worksheet.  When God began calling us to move away from that curriculum, I moved slowly, and with a lot of uncertainty.

Our days had a good flow and I knew for certain I could get my housework done while they did school.  With me being the primary teacher, I could not imagine how I'd ever manage to get it all done.  I am not a multi-tasker.  That being said, I've discovered that some things can be done at the same time, even for a person like myself.

Things such as listening to a child read while I prepare lunch or fold laundry.  Things like giving a spelling test while I clean the kitchen.  I am also learning that spelling and math are not the only things in our days that hold value.  Every day has a completely different flow.  Take yesterday, for example.  It was a slow day for me personally.  It was mid-afternoon before I was able to get my act together.  So how was the morning time spent?  The kids played and used their imaginations.  It is a joyful thing for me as a mom to hear them creating games and living in the land of make believe.  Last night we spent time serving at the church together as a family.  Again, I believe this holds as much stock as an English lesson.

Yesterday reminded me of all the joys of the lifestyle of homeschooling.  I absolutely love that I was able to clean up the kitchen while my red head took a test at the bar.  We were side by side, both doing what needed to be done.

Blessings like this greet me unexpectedly all the time.  It feels good to be doing what we've been called to do.  God definitely gives the grace we need when we follow Him to the unknown, uncertain places.  It is always safe to obey...and the greatest blessings always lie when we are right in the center of His will for our days.

(p.s. I actually wrote this post Thursday but forgot to post it.  We spent yesterday volunteering at church!  I also had to look up whether or not to capitalize the spelling of school subjects.  Turns out you do not capitalize school subject names but you do capitalize languages such as French or English.  Who knew?)

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