Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Focus

I decided our days needed some more structure.  We needed a little road map to make sure we were heading in the right direction and not just wandering aimlessly through the days.

This is why I'm trying my hand at a weekly focus for all of us, including the kids.  This is Master Bedroom week.  My room stays pretty good all the time because I've established strong habits over the years.  But the kids?  Their room can stay disastrous.  One night last week, as I went in to check on them, I literally thought, "I hope there is not a fire tonight!  We'd trip and break our necks on this toy/clothes covered floor!"

When their sleeping space gets like that, which happens with great frequency, I have to stop and ask myself if it is a reflection of them or me?  If I have not taken the time to train good habits into their lives, then the brunt of the blame falls on me.

New habits take time to establish.  That is why all week we are focusing on making beds and picking up clothes every single day.  We started the focus Sunday and it has been going great.

It is simple and it is manageable.  We had to start in the kids room with an overhaul.  I brought in two clothes baskets and a trash can.  All clothes on the floor went into one basket.  Toys to be taken to the man cave went in the other and trash went...you guessed it...in the trash can.

So that's it.  Our focus this week is on making the bed each morning and making sure we put our clothes away when we take them off.  I am training them that underwear and socks always go in the laundry room.  The only reason a shirt or pants get washed is if they are visibly dirty or smell bad.  And if you wear your pajamas one time and toss them into the laundry, well, I will cut you.

Ha ha haaaaaaa!!!

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