Monday, November 18, 2013

The Party's Over

Today our little at home vacation officially came to an end and we got back to reality.  We had two weeks filled with lots of rest, games, Anne of Green Gables, a few days at the lake, football games, coffee and books.  We both started today with some renewed motivation to finish the year strong.

I love that the Swiss Miss hot cocoa packets say, "Create the Moment," because that is exactly how we spent our time off.  We did not spend hardly any money at all (only one trip to Happy Hour, a lunch at Arby's, a lunch at McD's, and a trip to the dollar movie).  The rest of the fun we created and it turned out fantastic.

One of the things we did was turn the phones off.  Staying at home can be tricky in regards to disconnecting.  It is good to know what relaxes and refuels each person.  My favorite mornings were the ones spent in our pj's by the tree, reading our books and Bibles, and drinking coffee while the kids played.

And last but not least, we just got back from the high risk doctor and got another great report!!!  Thank you LORD!!! Another month until we have to go back!!!


Anonymous said...

Great vacation and GREAT report !!!!

New Every Morning said...

so happy for you to have a time rejuvenation!