Saturday, November 30, 2013

Date Night Crashers

It is Friday night. We have been planning a date night all week.  This means putting the kids to bed at 7:00pm and enjoying crunchy peanut butter and Oreo shakes from our favorite local joint.

First kink in the plan.  The Grinch and Shrek the Halls.  We promised the kids we'd watch it Friday night.  Bad parental planning.  It is OK though, we're only an hour behind schedule.

At home dates are the best.  They don't require any fuss.  No dressing up.  Just being in the comfort of your own home.  Things were going well.  Kids were in bed, we were enjoying our shakes, when date night crasher #1 rounded the corner, plaid pillow in hand.  We let him stay.  Moments later, date night crasher #2 emerged, Cars pillow in hand.

It turned into a double date.  Us and the big boys.  It was a fun little night.  They felt like really big boys getting to eat a fun snack with Mom & Dad and getting to stay up a little later.  We told them when they got married and started having little date night crashers of their own that they needed to make sure they still did special things together with their wives.

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