Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi Again...

My little Internet break was nice.

Granted, we've been sick off and on since the New Year, but I'm confident we are on the mend.  I'm pretty sure we've had every ailment going around and that is without us even playing at Chick-Fil-A.

This afternoon I was nestled under my covers.  The windows were open and a thunderstorm was blowing in.  The dryer was whirling and the air smelled so sweet and good.  Birds were chirping and dogs were barking in the distance.

All the bathrooms are sparkling.

And that's because...we've been sick this week and today was Operation DeGerm De Casa.  As bad as I hate being sick, it is always nice to restore order the next day.  I laid in that good smelling bed and it was so peaceful.  The boys were napping and we survived.

Everyone has clean sheets.  We are gearing up for our Bed & Breakfast weekend (at home!) next week.  I have turned down/rescheduled 4 invitations and appointments to keep the weekend free.  This is a big part of why we do the B&B intentionally protect a weekend to spend together.

I haven't decluttered like I thought I would and I'm OK with that.  The toilet paper holder is still broken and I hardly notice.  These days there are just more important things to be doing than making sure my baseboards are perfect and fussing over wompy jawwed toilet paper holders. 

I do however have two magazines in my possession that I'm trying to refrain from reading!!!  Cottages & Bungalows and Country Sampler...they are so cute this month.

It's good to be back on the ol' blog.  I've missed it.  Come back next week where we'll be talking about creating a Bed & Breakfast feeling at your very own house.



Amy said...

YAY!!! So glad you're back!! Umm...yeah, I need to Lysol every inch of my little casa too. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back!! Kelley T.

New Every Morning said...

Welcome back, friend! Missed you!

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