Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why We Do It...

The reason I put a Bed & Breakfast weekend on the calender is because it is life giving for me.  When the excitement and glitter of Christmas ends, we settle in for around 8 more long weeks of winter.

The days are long and dark.  Life feels so mundane during these days of being cooped up inside.  But there is always a little weekend toward then end, closer to Spring, that is tucked away in my mind and my calender.

It gives me a reason to buy the cute candle from Target that says, "Choose Happiness" in cheery yellow.

It gives me an excuse to indulge in some decorating magazines or new decorating books.  The above books are books from previous B&B weekends at home...the magazines below are for this weekend's reading.

I spruce up the house with little things.  Like these faux hydrangeas I scored for $5 last weekend at Joann fabrics of all places.

A picture of our layered bed.  I just know the kids are gonna sleep late so we can too. 

Mason jars of fresh flowers...Just buy one inexpensive bouquet and divide it up among 2-4 Mason jars.  Little jars of happiness sprinkled all over your home.

Creating a life of beauty does not have to be extravagent.  It just takes a small amount of time and effort.  Happy Valentine's Day friends!


Samantha Barnes said...

I have maybe been reading your blog all day today when I have down moments from work. And I have maybe been missing your family a lot. And chats after the boys go to sleep. And milkshakes from Stoby's after rough days.

Just wanted you to know that I still love y'all dearly even though I don't live in Conway any more!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Hey Samantha! I miss you too!!! There is a possiblity I may or may not have had a milkshake Monday night-ha!! Love ya!

New Every Morning said...

Hope it was WONDERFUL!!!
The pic of your boy smelling the fake flowers cracks me up. He's gonna be a good husband one day! ;)