Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pajama Day

Welcome to Pajama Day.  It's raining buckets outside and I couldn't be happier.

In 25 minutes when my timer dings to get to school, we're doing it right in here by the fire.

Today we're staying in our pj's.  None of us will brush our hair and we're having corn dogs for lunch.

It is dark, cold, and thundery outside.

Bye Bye Daddio, have a good day!  Every time he leaves all the boys yell, "WAVE!!!!!!"

Because I have some standards this is all the picture of me and my pajama day I can show you.  Complete with flannel gown, cuddle duds, socks and robe.  Somedays you gotta throw the seasonal sweater vest away for the finer things in life. 

Last night at Bible Study we talked about creating soul-filling spaces.  I can promise you a lazy, low-key, rainy day is at the top of my list.  We're gonna get the Math worksheets done first, then get the dreaded hand-writing assignments over with.  And I just bet the rest of the day will be filled with finishing up Farmer Boy.  The harvest is done and they're getting ready to go to the town fair before winter sets in.  I'm itchin' to see what good food they eat today!

One of the things I always liked about the idea of homeschooling was the rainy days we'd spend together, hunkered down together inside.  Not getting out in the dark cold, but snuggling in for reading and some good food, rest and play.

For a woman who quit two days ago, it feels good to be back on the job today.  Now granted, yesterday we took a snow day.  No matter that it only snowed for maybe four minutes.  The boys played Monopoly with their Daddy and I read Farmer Boy and I am learning to be comfortable with the fact that some days that is the perfect schooling situation.

If you were here with me I'd make us a fresh pot of coffee and share the last bit of Grammy's white sheet cake with you.  No worries, the recipe is coming.  A little gift for you. 

If you feel you need to prepare so you'll be ready I can tell you this.  Make sure you have an entire box of butter.  That's four sticks for the lay person.  Get you a bag of powdered sugar and a small can of evaporated milk.  If you've got eggs, sugar, flour, soda, vanilla, and salt you'll be able to create the delicate treat.


Sunshine said...

I think we're gonna do the same here today!!!! Sounds wonderful;). I can't wait to have that recipe. Our chat yesterday was so uplifting to me. Thank you so much for calling me back;)

Becke' said...

Girl, you know how to use a rainy day/icy day/snowy day! In pj's and God's presence. I love you so much!

Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Yay for stay in days! We've got snow today and hubby and I are staying in! Yay!!!

Mama S said...

PJ days are the best :-)

Have a great weekend

Jenn said...

Hi, I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog, so I couldn't reply. I am so glad you liked Grammy's Sheet Cake! That would be fine if you post it on your site as long as you give photo credit to me along with a link back to my site :) Thanks for asking first!

New Every Morning said...

We LOVE pj day!!! I tell my kids, "if the doorbell rings, we'll just hide!" No vanity here. No way. ;)

I wasn't planning on taking President's Day last week, but as it rolled around, I realized it was NEEDED. For me. So I could be a good mom. And my children would arise, call me blessed, and live.