Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lilacs & Snow

I'm so predictable.

Every time we pass by a certain chicken restaurant in town and it's night the parking lot is always empty.  Shane kindly pointed out that every single time we pass by I always say the exact same thing.

Man, I don't know how they stay in business.

And there is this overpass in town that overlooks a new subdivision.  This one house has a massive backyard and they only sodded a wee bit by the back patio.  Apparently every time we drive by I comment on their sod-or lack thereof.

And my little melt-down yesterday.  I should've known.  Those dang hormones. 

Things started looking up yesterday afternoon when I decided to finally take a shower.  I am coming to realize that showers have magical powers.  As do real clothes and shoes.  I even slapped on some make-up and threw some hot rollers in my hair.  A gentle nod to the 80's if you will.

I don't know why I bother with the rollers because the texture of my hair is also changing into weird straw-like qualities.  Let's don't call it over processed OK?  Let's just blame this, along with everything else, on old age or the devil.

This morning I went to the grocery store all by myself.  It was just me and my iPod listening to tunes while I browsed the aisles.  I was having the most enjoyable time when I ran into my friend by the meat counter.  We got to talking and she mentioned how the sleet was already starting to come down.

Something in me freaked out!  I kicked it into high gear and wrapped up my church/shopping trip to get home.  Pathetic as it may be, I have no idea how to drive in inclement weather so I just do mankind a favor and stay home and eat cookies when it gets icy.

You would not believe what I walked in to when I walked in the back door.  Candles lit everywhere, in every room.  And 4 boys who cleaned the house to surprise me.  That Shane knows how to bless me.  Freshly mopped floors and vacuum lines are my love language.  He even did the last two loads of laundry.  He wanted me to be able to just come home and rest.

Which is exactly what I'm off to do.  I decided that it's going to be OK to slow down until I get back to 100%.  We're gonna let a few things go and just roll with it. Enjoy your snow may be the last one before Spring.  Speaking of which, I have lilacs and tulips about to bloom...can't wait to talk lavender seeds with you soon...

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New Every Morning said...

I don't. drive. in. inclement. weather. ever.
(Well, unless I'm trying to get my babies home from the ski resort). I don't know about AR, but in NC everyone FREAKS out over the mention of bad weather and the grocery stores run out of milk and bread pronto.