Monday, February 11, 2013

Mary Jane's Farm

I adore Mary Jane's Farm. Her motto is,

"It's Not Where You Live, It's How You Live."


She has her own quaint Bed & Breakfast, along with a full line of bedding.  A couple of years ago I was shopping at Belk when the most charming bedding set caught my eye.

I purchased the mint green and floral bedding with birthday money and have loved it every day ever since.

So this week we are creating our own Bed & Breakfast getaway right here at home.  This is the third year we have done this.  I fully agree with the motto, "It's not where you live, it's how you live."  For me, this little project is about creating beauty in our lives.  It is fun to think about creating a pretty, relaxing space for us.

The boys like dreaming together about the fancy breakfasts we'll eat this weekend.  I like thinking about the freshly ground Butter Pecan coffee I'll be purchasing on Wednesday morning.
So, the first element in a well appointed Bed & Breakfast is a fantastic bed.  We needed a new bed but did not want to spend $1,000 plus on a mattress.  We found this 4 1/2 inch foam mattress topper on Overstock.  It.  Has.  Been.  Heaven.  Ever since we put it on our bed.  Now we have the most plush bed to sink into every night and it was under $200 to revitalize our existing bed.

We also purchased an inexpensive set of 1500 thread count sheets in Mint Green which have been equally luxurious.
It doesn't have to cost a fortune to breathe new life into your bedding and it is such a luxurious gift to give yourself.


Kathie Velte said...

Such an inspiration! I think I'd like to do an "At Home Bed & Breakfast", too!!!!

solanalove said...

Love this post. The motto is great. I'll have to paint that on something and put it in my house. The pictures are beautiful. And I love the idea of B&B at home. You've got my mind going. Thanks. :)