Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Until Next Month...

I'm going on a blog hiatus for the next month.  February 8th I'll be back, either to start posting again or for a final post.  I'm going to spend the next month praying about my writing.  Taking a month off isn't something I really want to do, but it is something I feel the Lord has asked of me.

In the meantime, we put a Bed & Breakfast weekend on the calender for Valentine's Day weekend.  Gonna spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday enjoying our house with nothing on the calender.  This is the 3rd year we've done this.  It gives us something to look forward to and gives me motivation to declutter and get things in order around here.  We'll use gift cards we got at Christmas to go out to eat, drink good coffee in the mornings, read fun magazines and books, and light lots of candles.  The boys are so excited about it!

You know those little odds and ends jobs like the broken toilet paper holder in the bathroom?  We're trying to get this kind of stuff tended to over the next 5 weeks.

Our mattress is so sad.  It is 12 years old and blesses me with a backache each morning.  We found a 4 1/2 inch memory foam mattress topper for under $200 on Amazon that we are going to try.  I also ordered a  new set of sheets for under $30 (all 3 of our sets have huge rips in them).

In addition to blessing my home with a little extra love, I'm also trying to bless my family.  Remember the life changing gift I told you about?  The one I got for Christmas this year?  It is called EMeals.  Each week they email me a 7 day menu for the week with an itemized shopping list for the store. 

Seriously a game changer.  Last week I shopped for the first time and purchased all 7 days worth just to get an idea of how much food it would be.  It has been such a blessing to go into the kitchen each night and pull out the dinner to prepare without having to think.  Each meal includes the main dish and sides. 

We are doing the Portion Control plan which is simple and healthy.  Not having to menu plan this week has been so freeing and we've sat down at the table every night to a fantastic hot meal.  I highly recommend trying it, especially if you have little kids.  Not having to think about what to cook will be such a gift to give yourself. 

You can try 6 months for $35.  Print off the menus and shopping list and put them in a page protector.  If you like it you will have it all mapped out for you.  Use a dry erase marker in the store if you want to check off your list, it wipes right off a page protector.

So that's it in a nutshell.  I'm taking care of my house, my family, and trying to do nice things for myself every single day.  Whether it's reading a book, lighting my favorite candle, taking a bubble bath, or making an afternoon pot of coffee.  Each day I am trying to be intentional to take care of us all.

Hugs and see ya in a month.


Amy said...

Awww...I will miss reading your blog for a whole month!! I really, really hope you keep at it. :-) LOVE Emeals, we used to do that too. I printed them out as we went and still use some of them! Changed the way I think about planning for the week.

New Every Morning said...

Boo! I will miss you terribly, but YAY for you following the Lord's leading!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the b&b at home idea! I think we are going to have to try it at Casa de NEM.
I'm with ya on the sheets. All of ours have holes too, so we asked for a set for Christmas. We were super excited to try them and the 1st night we crawled in bed and looked at each other with a pout. They were SO SCRATCHY! Fortunately they had a flaw so I get to take them back and get soft ones.

Anonymous said...

Anna, you are such an awesome mother and homemaker. You inspire me so many times when I read your blog. It's one of three I check daily. If you wonder if you have an impact, you do. But you certainly have to follow God's leading before anything else. Your boys (and man) are so blessed to have someone so intentional and loving to spoil them.

On another note, I saw some girls at a Benton Christmas show that sold Premier Jewelry. I mentioned knowing you, and they both had great things to say about you. I think you leave a trail of smiles wherever you go.

Enjoy the break and your fam.

Kim B.

Anonymous said...

And, I LOVE your sense of humor!