Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Home

So on a lighter note, my oldest son steals my pillow every night because he says it smells good.  Tonight I was washing my face and he had his face nuzzled into my nightgown. 

"You're the best smellin' Mom this side of the Mississippi!"

Sweet boy.

There is another important detail about our weekend I forgot to mention yesterday.  We were on cleaning the white table cloth from church duty after some events at church last week.  All weekend, 3 stacks of folded white table cloths sat on my dining room table.  And I didn't freak out about it.

That is a huge accomplishment for me, to let something like that just be.

Do you ever get in freak out mode with the house?  Where you turn into Staccato Mama?  I learned that phrase from the book, Unglued, and it cracks me up every time I think about it.  In music, staccato notes are one you sing with a punch.  Get on the note and get off it very quickly.  Staccato Mama is when you are barking out words to your kids.

So things can be going perfectly fine when Staccato Mama strikes.  This. House. Must. Be. Pulled. Together. NOW.  Ya know, the kind of tone that pretty much robs everyone of any ounce of joy?  Yeah, her.

Well, I've chilled out lately.  I am learning that a happy home is about the atmosphere I create.  I want my boys to remember me as being a Happy Mama.  Not Staccato Mama.

That's why if you come over there will probably be:
  • Batman Lego's on the formal dining room table
  • A game of Memory on the living room floor
  • A Pokemon battle on the playroom floor
  • Coloring pages on the bar
  • Schoolwork on the kitchen table
  • A fort in the boys bedroom
And every afternoon we reign that show in and pull the house together before Shane gets home (well, on a good day anyway).  Light the candles, turn on the lamps, and restore order.

Knowing this is the rhythm of our day frees me up to let the boys enjoy their space.  They know they can play and I know it will get picked up.

Happy Mama=Happy Home
Today try smiling more.  Try to be a kind hearted person to be around.  See how you can serve someone near you or say something that will brighten their day.  Create a warm atmosphere in your home by refraining from saying negative things today.

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New Every Morning said...

We do the same thing! I let them "live" in the house all day and around 4pm we do a house blitz. My husband doesn't demand a clean house, but I feel like a better wife when he comes home to order rather than chaos.
I think, as homeschoolers, it's important to let the little stuff go, but then make the transition for the family time by changing the scene (read: clean up the school/dishes/mess). With ya on this one!