Monday, February 18, 2013


Should I start with the good parts or the reality?  Let's just intermingle it all shall we?  Thursday we went digging for diamonds which was a huge score.  We spent the day digging through dirt and visiting with an older couple.  The weather was perfect and it was great to see the boys running through fields of dirt.

When we left we headed toward a hole in the wall joint that is famous for their BBQ & Tamales.  About 30 minutes into the trip we realized we were going the wrong way.  That detour added an extra hour to the trip.  Their were squeals of delight when we finally wheeled up to the restaurant we had driven out of our way to enjoy.

As we walked by the windows I was eyeing the people's plates piled high with the best looking food.  I extended my hand to open the door only to find it was locked.  That's strange.  I pulled harder.  That's when we realized the door was locked because it was 6:54pm and they closed at 7. 

Disappointed and hungry we loaded back up in the bus and tried to get out of the city.  We were lost in the ghetto.  Bars on windows and we had no idea which road we needed to get home.  I had already been fighting the frustration with getting lost.  Now my tamale dreams were being dashed to pieces.  The day was threatening to derail into a big fail.
When we finally found the interstate we all yelled for joy.  And, we discovered we were only 4 miles from a great Mexican food joint.  If Mexican can't make things better I don't know what can. 

We slept good Thursday night after a long day of traveling and digging.  Friday we got up and decided we wanted to trip the crepes.  Strange as that may sound, working in the yard is very life giving for us.  We pull out the fire pit and burn pieces of wood and leaves.  The boys used some of the branches to make a fort with the neighbor boys.

That evening we got cleaned up and went to the best burger joint in town.  Burgers, fries and shakes is always a good way to end the day.

Saturday was a basketball game and pizza for lunch.  After naps the plan was to go to a new Italian place downtown.  However, I woke up from my nap with an awful sore throat.  Bad enough that I marched myself right down to the walk-in clinic.  Strep throat that landed me in bed Saturday and all day yesterday. 

I'd say we had a mixed bag of a weekend.  Overall it was great to be together enjoying some downtime.  This is what I got for Valentine's Day and read it cover to cover.

Today looks like another day in bed.  My entire body hurts and my throat hurts even worse.  I've had strep a million times and functioned just fine but last night it hit me.  I'm closer to 40 than not, and maybe this is what happens when you start getting older.  Not bouncing back right away. 

The boys will be ready for Mama to be up and running. 

In the meantime, I'm learning that things rarely go perfectly as planned.  From Christmas, vacations, or weekends at home, something is bound to happen that was not on the itinerary.  I can stew and pout or I can learn to find joy and contentment even when the day takes a sharp turn toward a direction I didn't have planned.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell myself this quote i heard, all the time.."Even in the worst days there are happy moments" It helps me to not stew on the bad part but the good parts of the day! :) I love it that your blog goes straight to my email now! love keeping up with you!!!
love ya!! Amy stoyanov

New Every Morning said...

How did I get so far behind in my blog reading??
SO sorry about the strep. It takes my feet out from under me. Hate it with a capital H. Hope you're well now, friend.