Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Rest

There is one little theme that keeps making its way across my path.

It is the words, "Just Rest."

Slow down, rest, and embrace this season.  For us, the last 8 weeks have forced us to rest because of on and off sickness.  I have missed 6 Sundays out of the last 8, because one or all of us were sick.

Today I am taking all three boys in to get checked out.  It feels like we are swimming upstream.  And God, in His Faithfulness, keeps telling me the same thing.

Just Rest.

Last night I crawled into bed, weary after another day of being sick myself, and read the Psalms.  Out of every verse I read, one stood out above all the rest.

Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him.

So that is what I am seeking to do.  Our school lessons are abbreviated.  The food served around here has been simple (and processed!).  I'm even serving slice and bake cookies for a get together we have tonight-which, if you know me, is a huge deal to be serving up store bought and not homemade.

One of my very favorite messages from the LORD is when He tells me to dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness, to trust in Him and do good.  When He tells me to find my delight in Him, and commit my way to Him.  And then He says He will sustain me.

So today I'm trading in my agendas and my expectations, trading in the things I feel make me a success.  I'm laying them down in exchange for rest.  Again.  Another day of slowing down and resting.  Another day of what appears to be the important left undone.  Sometimes it takes a great deal of faith to lay it all down and just rest.

Psalm 37