Saturday, December 29, 2012

Round Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Last weekend we went to Branson for a few days.  Our condo had the sweetest Oak table, just like the one in the above picture.  I told Shane how I sure would love to have a round table in our kitchen.  They are perfect for a more cozy dinner feel and of course card playing.

This morning I got a text from my friend, it said...

"Hey girl-would you want an antique oak round table with two leaves?  In our garage???"

She said she was cleaning out her garage and was going to sell that table and just then my name popped into her head.

How sweet is the Lord to work like that?  It is just the kindest gift, the kind our home is full of.  We really have all kinds of Jesus furniture in our home.  We've got Jesus furniture and Jesus rooms, literally.  His hand is on so many provisions in our home, so many details and touches that His Hand provided.  And I'm not talking about the tall glass candles from the Kroger either.  No.  Some people have Bassett and Broyhill, not us though.  Most of it is straight up Jesus.  He has used so many dear friends and yard sales as vehichles (I am leaving this mispelling because... A) it makes me laugh B) can you even imagine I would spell the V word for car like that, but for the life of me the correct spelling escapes me) to bless our home.

One time my friend told me that God speaks to us fluently in our love languages.  My love language is acts of service.  I am just filled to the brim bubbly over my new table.  And so thankful to my sweet heavenly Father who always delights in making sweet provisions through sweet friends.  

So, I am thinking of painting the base celery green.  My chairs are white and our chair covers are a whimsical green, orange and blue floral.

(Thank you for the table friend, it is going to be a very special addition to our home from a very special family.  We love ya'll!)

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