Thursday, December 6, 2012

Store Bought Pie

I have Martha Stewart running through my veins.  I love her. Always have.

Even when the Pokey took her away, I was still a fan.

She's classic and has flawless taste.

Love her as I may, sometimes life calls for Store Bought Pie.

Take last night for instance.  You may recall I took a PDO (Paid Day Off) yesterday and ditched all my Motherly responsibilities.  I spent the day reading and writing.  The boys spent the day being kids.  Pretending, reading and playing make believe (is that the same thing as pretending?  ok, yeah, i thought so).

We had a Staff & Elder Christmas party and I had a task. Bring Dessert. So 15 minutes before the party we wheeled the bus into the Kroger parking lot. I chose the pudding cake with the neon orange $4.99 sticker. I put that sucker on my white cake stand and called it a day.

Lesson learned.  When life hands you a rainy day you serve up Store Bought Pie.

When life hands you Store Bought Pie put it on your prettiest white cake pedestal and serve it up with a smile.

My name is Anna and I approve this message.


Amy said...

Go you!!! I consider myself a pie enthusiast and I do not turn down pie, store-bought or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Love this Anna! You are hilarious. I hope your reading/writing day with the Lord was very beneficial!
Amy M. :)

New Every Morning said...

A couple of years ago, we had a pot luck at our house. Everyone was RAVING over the Caramel Cake. It was gorgeous with homemade toffee crumbles cascading down the side. Finally my dear friend fessed up: "I bought the toffee and the cake at Krogers and put it on a platter on our way here. Presentation is everything." It was the biggest hit of the party.