Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shirkers & Slackers

The Bible reading plan for Shirkers & Slackers.  Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend telling her my desire to read through the Bible.  There are so many ways to do this.  I didn't want a different Bible, I wanted to settle into my very own Bible.  Reading my very own Bible allows me to settle in and get to know it. 

It begins to take the shape of a well appointed home.  I love to move.  Houses not Bibles.  But they are very similar events for me.  Moving into a new house or Bible is the same.  Everything feels new and different.  It takes awhile to find a good rhythm and to begin to feel like home.

On the housefront, when we move into a new  house the first thing we do is clean till it sparkles.  Move all our stuff in.  We hang the curtains, hang the pictures, arrange and move and get to know our way around the new space.  Over time little touches here and there continue to make it home.  The only place I want to be.

Same thing with my Bible.  The more I settle into the words on the pages, mark them, and write in the margins, the more familiar it begins to feel.

But where to begin is always the million dollar question.  This Bible reading plan for Shirkers & Slackers is money.  Simply click on the link and print off the PDF file (for free!).  Fold it in half and tuck it in your Bible. 

It is arranged by days of the week.  That way you don't feel like a failure.  If you skipped yesterday or the month of November entirely, you are not behind.  Simply pick up today and keep going.  And the article attached to the link-worth its weight in gold because it is hilarious and makes you feel normal.

Page, thanks for the info about this great reading plan!

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Sweet Annabelle said...

What a great resource!

I just got a new Bible last year, after being 'faithful' to an old and broken (literally) one for many years. It really does seem like 'moving in' to this new one!