Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grabbed That Bull By The Horns

Man, I owned today.

I grabbed it by the horns and ran.  Shane too.  We've been putting the hurt on our house.  Attic, garage, boys closet, under the bed, you name it.

Our yard sale March 2nd and you're gonna want to come.

We're getting rid of tons of home decor, furniture, etc.  I am taking the next 6 weeks to D.O.W.N.S.I.Z.E.  You probably think all I do is declutter, and you're right.  With 5 people, if I don't stay on top of it, it piles up in a hurry.

I found out I'm a hidden clutter person.  My clutter is jam packed in closets and drawers.  My favorite motto is,
"Have nothing in your house you don't think is beautiful or know to be useful."

When I apply that rule to every single thing it is so much easier to toss, toss, toss.  Like today for example.  I got to thinking about the basket on the back of the toilet in the guest bathroom.  Who knows why the heck it is sitting there, with 2 little piddly books inside, but it looks ridiculous.  So I put it in the yard sale pile.

The boys had 24 pairs of shoes in the bottom of the closet.  Now they have a pair of flip flops, play shoes, good tennis shoes, and church shoes.  We cut it in half.   Told ya.  Owned it.

We just have too much.  Even though we have less than most because I despise clutter, we still have too much.  It feels so good to have a perfectly clean floor underneath my bed.  It wasn't crazy under there, but just a few odds and ends.  If I don't care enough to find a permanent home for something, it's getting tossed.

Oh, we have a wedding collage type thing with about 5 4x6 pics from our wedding.  I took one look at it today and you know what?  I don't love that look anymore.  It is 12 years old and dated.  So I am taking the pictures out (which I do love!) and selling the frame.  Bam.  Take that collage frame!

It is amazing how you see things with fresh eyes when it has to pass the test.
  • Do I think you're beautiful?
  • Do I know what you are used for?
You should come March 2nd.  I'm selling a lot of good stuff that I'm done with.  I already checked the weather and it's gonna be perfect weather for scoring some stuff that is priced to sale.


New Every Morning said...

Wish I could join you on March 2nd!
Cleaning out feels SO GOOD!!!
With our move, 2012 was the year of the purge for our family.

Anonymous said...

oooooooh I need to "Own" it !!! Man I need to declutter MORE!!!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

It's the never ending thing on the to do list :)!