Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Party-Oops!

You just have to laugh when over 20 of your dearest Youth Group Leaders have just left the house. You're standing in the kitchen with the Mr. washin' up the dishes when he says, "Was that like that the whole time?"  "Huh?" I reply.  "The curtain, was it up like that during the entire party?"  And that's affirmative 10-4.

We tried to make it so nice.  Dinner, candles in the bathrooms, dessert table, Dunkin' Donuts decaf with the good creamer, the whole shabam.

We dusted blinds, shined baseboards (which is why said curtain was folded up like so), cleaned windows, lit the fire.

I even turned the homeschool folders around so they'd be all nice and professional like.

And we did have a nice party.  But at the end of the day there she is.  Folded up in all her glory.


New Every Morning said...

Your tree is breathtaking! And your mantel? Ooh lala!!! Love the stockings!

I love the new curtain trend you're starting ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Just a reminder to your guests of all the hard work you went through. :)
Amy M.

Anonymous said...

Anna, you make me laugh. I love every one of your posts. I'm not the best commenter, but I read them all and love them. Kelley T.