Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend In Review

Today I was invited to do a guest post at Moop & Saba. She is such a good friend who always has the most thought provoking posts. Becke' has started photography and really has a gift for it.

Along with that, here's the State of the Union at our house. We have run from the 'bug' for 3 months. As my husband said last week, "It feels like it is getting closer and closer to us." My sweet little Hot Rod has been puny since Saturday. He is so stinkin' sweet and cuddly right now. You know me, my bathrooms are Pine Sol'ed, the sheets and matress pads are washed, every surface is Lysoled, we keep opening the windows to air the house out, and my mom got us some more Lampe Berger is antibacterial (cleans the air) and smells the house with a wonderful fragrance-we like Sweet Pear.

This is one of our little Superhero's. This is what I wake up to most days. Boys who have shed their pj's for just undies and a cape. He's got a chocolate mustache-why is that so stinkin' cute?
Lastly, a girl in our community is fundraising for a mission trip. A group of 7 monkeys came to play in our yard this weekend. My sister and her family sent them to play in our yard. They were very well behaved!!!

If you have a Little Caesar's in your area don't forget that today Large One Topping Pizza's are only $3.99!!!! March Madness Special! Happy Spring Break week to my Blogland friends!!


Liz said...

What cute kids you have! And I totally forgot about the Little Ceasars Pizza deal. Thanks!!

Loving This Mom Stuff

The Merediths said...

Why do I read about the Little Caesar's deal after dinner is already in my belly and kitchen cleaned? Oh, next time...